Rose Gold Line


This beautiful solution is a unique combination of rose with golden undertones. The result is a “fresh off a full day at the beach look.” You know that look you have when you have been soaking up sunshine all day long. Not the sunburned but slightly rosy with a golden bronze glow. This solution is ideal for those with olive and medium to dark skin tones.

Features: Triple Action Bronzers, eco certified DHA, gluten free, vegan, paraben free

What are Triple Action Bronzers?  Our solutions are formulated with bronzers that activate through three different phases. Days 1-2: Build Phase. Days 3-7: Maintain Phase. Days 8-10: Sustain Phase


Light 8 – JMT Sunless Light 8 Solution is the lightest shade of bronze in our product line. This solution is the perfect choice for fair to medium skin tones or those who already have a base tan. A great option for clients seeking a light, natural-looking sunless tan.

Medium 10 – JMT Sunless Medium 10 Solution is our most popular solution shade. For clients looking for a natural-looking spray tan, this is a great choice. This solution is the perfect balance of bronzers for a beautiful, not-too-dark, not-too-light sunless tan. It works nicely with fair to medium skin tones or those who already have a base tan.

Dark 12 – JMT Sunless Dark 12 Solution is a longtime favorite because of its results! With 12% DHA this solution is perfect for clients looking for that extra rich, deep, dark, bronze sunless tan. A great choice for anyone with a medium to dark skin tone or someone with a solid base tan.

Ultra Dark 16 – JMT Sunless Ultra Dark 16 Solution is our deepest, darkest solution option with the most DHA. This solution is perfect for body fitness competitions, cheer squads, stage events or anyone else looking for a really deep, dark tan. Ultra Dark 16 is perfectly blended for those looking for the ultimate tan.

Rapid Tan – JMT Sunless Rapid Tan is one of our most popular solutions.  Why? This solution not only produces an amazing sunless tan, it doesn’t require a long wait time to shower after tanning. Rapid Tan is specially formulated with fast-acting eco certified DHA to help achieve a beautiful sunless tan while shortening the wait time to shower. In fact, your client can control the level of tan based on our Rapid Tan Shower Guideline:

  • Light Tan: wait 2-3 hours before showering
  • Medium Tan: wait 3-4 hours before showering
  • Dark Tan: wait 4-5 hours before showering

Rapid Tan continues to develop the tan up to 12 hours after showering.

Quick Dry – JMT Sunless Quick Dry is the perfect solution for clients who don’t like that sticky-tacky feeling after a spray tan. This fragrance free solution is also a great option for anyone who may be sensitive to odors. For a quick odor-free tan without the stick, this is your solution.

Quick Dry Features:

  • You won’t feel sticky or tacky right after the spray tan
  • Fragrance free
  • A beautiful shade of medium bronze (the shade can easily be adjusted by spraying a little more or a little less)
  • Unlike other solutions less is more (you will use 1/2 the amount you normally use with the Quick Dry solution)

Additional information

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Light 8, Medium 10, Dark 12, Ultra Dark 16, Rapid Tan, Quick Dry


Gallon, Quart, Special 64oz