Level III Sunless Tanning System


If you are serious about starting a spray tanning business this is the unit we recommend. The LVCLP system offers you the newest technology and is well worth the investment. It you register your unit you will receive a 4-year warranty.

The LVCLP unit is easy to use while providing a more concentrated application of the tanning solution with less overspray. This feature helps reduce the amount of solution you need to use for a spray tan. The machine is compact, lightweight and fits nicely in any salon but is also nice for mobile use. The unit is also very quiet which cuts the noise while you are air brush tanning your client.

Other LVCLP features include a sleek, ergonomic design which allows you to easily snap on/off hose, gun and accessories. The Comfort Grip Gun which is easy to grip and helps reduce fatigue when doing multiple tans. European On/Off allows the technician to turn on/off the LVCLP system and adjust variable speed setting all in one motion. The Variable Speed Setting allows a technician to adjust speed to compensate for changes in solution viscosity, temperature, humidity or spraying preference. A soft, flexible and lightweight 10’ hose provides user mobility with a professional look. The Dryer Attachment is the first of its kind allowing you to dry your client faster.

Two additional solution cups help keep spray tanning solution ready for next spray tan. A spray gun wall mount that is professionally designed to hang the spray gun when not in use or when assisting client. There is a 4 Year Warranty when you register your LVCLP system

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LVCLP unit includes

  • Free shipping
  • 6 half gallon sized JMT Sunless Solutions
  • Barrier Cream
  • JMT Sunless Training Manual

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in

Level III Sunless Tanning Package